Childrens accidents don’t happen BY ACCIDENT!

Campaign: Parents prevent their children from having accidents


Dear parents,


in cooperation with your paediatrist you take care for an optimal development of your child. This ist very good!

You take over the responsibility for your child to let it grow up. You endeavour to give your child everything possible good und prevent it to take harm. So you give it a carefree childhood.

In your responsibility as parents you are supported by your paediatrist, who will advice you, for instance to let your child be vaccinated regularly and will answer questions respecting the development of your child.


In every phase of life children discover new things or examples in their surrounding to wake their curiosity and invite to imitate and test. This childlike curiosity, the impulse of movement and to experiment with things are an expression of a totally natural and good development of your child. You shouldn’t stop the „discovery-journeys“ of your child in general, even if the attention around the clock and necessary pay heed will strain your nerves sometimes.

You can make it easier for you and your child.

The childlike discovery of its surrounding needs security. With the questions and advices of our checklists for safety we want to call your attention on simple measures of protection to help you to prevent accidents.