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Healthy Nutrition

What is full value nutrition?

Full value nutrition is a comprehensive concept and deals mainly with lacto-vegetarian (Milk and milk products and plants) nutritional method. Nutritional food stuffs which do not require much cooking are prefered. Healthy valuable foods are prepared to produce delicious meals. The mainly used foods are full corn products, fruits and vegetables, potatoes, beans, milk and milk products. These meals could also contain small amounts of meat, fish and eggs. About half of the nutrients consists of non-heated fresh foodstuffs. The cooking should be gentle, using only fresh foodstuff and little vegetable oil. Foodstuffs with food additives should be avoided. In addition, foodstuffs that are not packed or those that are packed compatibly to environmental standards should be favoured.


Crunchy and fresh is the winner!

Fruit and Vegetables predominate in full value nutrition because they are suitable to provide the body with essential vitamins and minerals in a perfect way. They deliver many valuable nutrients with numerous positive effects on health. They strengthen the body’s immune system, help in combating infections and protect the body cells from damage and from any ensuing diseases. A well known example is the health promoting ingredients of garlic.

The numerous flavours, colour and odour found particularly in fruit and vegetables heighten appetite and improve the digestion.


Unheated fruit and vegetables are valuable

Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables daily, preferably raw since by cooking, the heat sensitive ingredients like vitamins and secondary plant substances are destroyed. In addition, the roughage provided by fruit and vegetables in the raw form are more effective. Fresh crunchy salads and fruit must be well chewed in order to massage the gums and promote the blood circulation.

Parodontosis could be so prevented. The stimulated production of excess saliva cleans the teeth and provides them with minerals, thereby preventing cavities.

Peeling fruit and vegetables removes vitamins and minerals as well as roughage. By some fruit and vegetables, the greatest part of their content of vitamins is stored directly under the peel and therefore gets lost through peeling. Only wash thoroughly at first before eating.

When you prepare warm meals, cook with little water. Utilise the rest liquid further to prepare sauce or soup and so recover the vitamins and minerals which might have remained in the cooking liquid.


Tips and recommendations:

  • Eat fresh salad, fruits and vegetables daily
  • Take advantage of the seasonal variation in fruit and vegetables supply.
  • Choose ecologically cultivated products from farmers, natural food shops or health food shops, because these avoid the use of chemical pesticides.
  • Include lactic acid, vegetables, potatoes, beans regularly in your menu.
  • Prepare your fresh meal immediately before consumption.
  • Steam your vegetables to make them even more tasty


When eaten before the main meal, fresh foods stimulate the digestion system and calm hunger. Then only small amounts of the usually plentiful warm meal are eaten. Overweight is prevented and superfluous

kilos disappear in the long run.


Milk and Milk Products

Milk and milk products are the best source of the mineral calcium. They are therefore very important for a stable skeleton. Yoghurt, Kefir and low fat cheese or sour milk are particularly valuable.


No Meat; do you miss anything?

Meat, fish and eggs play a marginal role in full value nutrition. Eggs deliner the most complete source of essential amino acids of any food. A high consumption of meat and fish products can actually lead to health impairment. You save more fat through reduction in meat, fish and sausage consumption.

Fish is a valuable foodstuff. However that is only valid for sea-fish because fresh water fish like trout, pike or carp contain no significant amounts of iodine. It is advisable to use table salt with iodine additive. Favour high sea fish like Rotbarsch (rose fish), mackerel, haddock, or cod.

They are less burdened with noxious substances than fish from rivers or from coastal regions.


Information and counselling

Further information is obtainable from your health insurance agencies


Source: Sales advisor, BIOKOST – Humboldt pocketbooks